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Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally I chanced upon what I have often wanted to see! hahahaha. Alright, just a few minutes of delight and happiness I have got which made my day a better one.

Had a pretty bad day at work today. The lady-in-charge wasn't as nice as I thought she would be. She proved me wrong at the end of the day after telling me what she had taught me is wrong and I think what she tried to explain to me is simply asking me to redo. (!!) (hence making my efforts as good as wasted.. -.-" nevermind, it would be my last day tomorrow..) I hoped for this to be only a one-day assignment as I was told I might only be asked to stay for two days. So, throughout today I was thinking that maybe as long as I finish doing what she had told me to, I would have completed my job and do not have to come tomorrow! But.. near the end of the day, I received the bad news from her that there's more than what I was doing. At that moment, I thought to myself, "Oh die... I still must come tomorrow.. seriously zzz.. nvm.. more money to be earned so I shall just be optismistic." (However, I'm still feeling extremely zzz to have to go to work again tomorrow.. Work is never easy I must say..)

On a positive note, I finally got the item which I have always wanted - A LAPTOP. :D Upon seeing the advertisement on Courts' The Great Deal Sale 2 promotion booklet for the student promotion of the HP Pavilion tx1222au Notebook Tablet PC for only $1499, I got so excited and keen to find out the details for this promotion that I think Sam could feel how much I wanted to grab this deal. However, the only downside is that the student must be from a government school and their MOE EZ-Link Card or matriculation pass must be presented prior to purchase. Upon hearing it's not restricted to uni students, I sought the help of Wan Ting to help me with it and I felt so bad having to trouble her when she's so busy with schoolwork. For the don't know how many times,
THANK YOU for helping me my dear friend :))

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I think, my bad habit of being lazy has come over me once again. xD Even after the dreadful exams were over on 6th November, I was just lazy to update, plus having no time to do so too.

Many things have happened! Be it happy or sad things. In addition, I can proudly tell myself everything's over and I'm just looking forward to a future event of things which would be hopefully more worth remembering, and getting upset over.

Anyhow, some events to look forward to(or not) in the last month of 2007 are:

5 Dec - Release of examination results (!) (not exactly looking forward to this day..)
8 Dec - Leave from work for
enrolment session for Year 2008
11 Dec - Mum's Birthday
15 Dec - Cousin's Wedding at night
16 Dec - Arrival of Soren's parents and sister for 2 and 3-weeks stay respectively

For now, I'm just feeling bored with work and due to friends being busy with their schoolwork or ain't free to meet up. I shall spend another seriously boring week ahead before 1 Dec arrives..

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