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Friday, April 28, 2006

THANK YOU. You've took the words out of my mouth and I need not have to think so hard on how I should go about it.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WHY.WHY.WHY do I lead such a sad life.

It's a pathetically busy week. Endless homework. Endless tests. It's tiring. Sometimes I just want to give up and... >.<

I wonder if his wife has given birth. Goodness! Really beyond my imagination. How are they to cope at our age and being one year older? People who receive the news feel nothing but shocked and stunned. I sure was stunned and very shocked when I finally believed that you're married and have a baby coming into this world (after looking at all the evidence). @_@

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I know you but you don't know me.

  1. To hell with JC system (sorry, just too unhappy with the system)
  2. It's "amazing" how girls PMS, which ain't very pleasant for people talking to them. Why do girls have M thus PMS? PMS's not too ideal an attitude. I feel so bad when I have it.
  3. What PW. WHat 10%. Combined with my not-so-good grades it's not too comforting an issue. Although it's only 10%, I still feel that it's of a high importance. And thus contributing to my state of depression and foul mood today. -_-"
  4. UNBELIEVABLE. You're freaking married?! At our age to a gal who's a year older? (Ok I know age's not an issue BUT) you're SO NOT financially stable. AND you have a B.A.B.Y on the way and who is entering this world in just this month! I must say you're amazingly unpredictable. We seriously didn't know you're this kind of person, or rather, how much you've changed in just 8 months or so. On the other hand, after thinking it over, I have to thank you instead. You've actually helped me to get out of this dark shadow. All the best.
  5. Practice what you preach.
  6. Some people should learn to realise when they're stepping on other people's toes.
  7. Don't give me those. It doesn't work when the case is that like poles repel. I just realised it recently. I feel apologetic to a friend whom I behaved like that to in the past. But I no longer talk that way and it's coming to me. =/ I've been receiving it with high tolerance. The "fire" is always at its peak when u talk to me like that but I use lots of determination to not let it be released for it does neither of us any good. I hope you'll realise it soon. but I don't think you'll ever do.
  8. I'm really sorry to you. TOO nice, you know?
  9. 'A' Levels?! What the freak.


I don't really like to do this kind of stuff but I'll do it anyway. For Julia.


+ 7 celebrity crushes +

* Mike Ho, more commonly known as He Jun Xiang

* Derrick Hoh ( Project Superstar )

* Hong Jun Yang ( Project Superstar )

* Sugianto ( Project Superstar )

* Adriano Huang ( Campus Superstar )

* 5566

+ 7 qualities I want in a potential boyfriend +

* Devotion

* Caring

* Romantic

* Independent

* Filial

* Sweet

* Understanding

+ 7 random songs at the moment +

* Cao Ge - Super Woman

* Kelly Clarkson - Because of You

* Jay Chou and Landy Wu - Wu Ding

* Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road

* JJ Lin Jun Jie - Zhi Dui Ni Shuo

* JJ Lin Jun Jie - Cao Cao

* Sun Yan Zi - Di Yi Tian

+ 7 things I say most +

* Right.

* What the heck.

* Oh my god.

* Aiyer.

* Huh?

* Freak.

* Ok lor.


P.S. The Da Vinci Code's movie is coming out on MAY 18! :)

*wo yao kuai le.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

What a 2 years and 8 months.
At most 3 years.
I'll then put a complete full-stop to it.

YUCKS. Test tests testss. Econs MCQ test today. Quite sucky. Was so annoyed, changed the answer of a question which is actually correct.

Chemistry SPA tomorrow. Hate the calculations part. But shall memorise them and get it over and done with. But TESTS again next monday. And it's the "almighty" EEEEeeeeeconomics. Case study and some essay test. The two most dreadful and detestful sections of the whole paper. Yuck.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I did it! B for my 2.4km run! :)) I seriously don't know how come I didn't stop at any round. Maybe it's that thought and motivating imagination. And so for the first and last time (literally first and last :)), I completed my run with a wonderful result and what's left is the 5-items test. And it's on Syl's birthday. Poor gal. But it's okay syl, I don't think it's worse than having an Economics promo paper (on my birthday last year!=/), right? :))

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Memory is my partner.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

A lovely new blog skin! :))

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Monday, April 03, 2006

You seem so near, yet so far.

Tag replies:
Yx: Haha yes I've updated my blog...I update quite often wot.. but don't know why u always say "Wendy, can you update your blog?" Haha weird..and okay I shall update about GENERAL stuff upon your request. Ahaha.

Jeff: You're welcome Jeffrey! FOUR more days huh... :)

I don't know if you're certain about what you've done, but maybe you are.

Today is a tiring and freaking humid day that gave me an headache which is almost the last thing that I would like to have on my list. Right. Had GP remedial early in the morning at 7am. But I reached school at 7.05am. Aye. :O Anyway, was given the task of ANOTHER essay (GP) that is to be chosen from the set of questions given during the CT. :( I just did TWO ECONOMICS essays during the weekend and here comes another one? :(( Luckily we have till Friday to complete it. (But still...)

But even if you're not, I'm afraid it's just too late.

OH OH, YAY. Zhi Yang won the Campus SuperStar competition! What a wonderful ending...he has a great voice and his singing is so nice it can melt my heart. Enjoyed watching the duet performed by him and Sin Huey. Their acting were so funny and cute la. Anyway, it's just GREAT that Zhi Yang is the winner and not Teresa. Haa. [Luckily it wasn't Derrick who was singing with her, or Julia and I will just flip (almost immediately? I think immediately. =P)]

Too late. Too late.

Something (and the only thing) that I can look forward to this week would be going down to the bridal studio with my eldest sister, her boyfriend, my mum and second sis, to choose her wedding gown on Thursday. YAY. Luckily I'm able to go or I'll be very upset. Isn't it so exciting to be able to choose a wedding gown (this time, for someone else =P) like how you always see in TV drama serials? Haha. All the beautiful beautiful wedding gowns hanging in front of you and seeing your sister wearing/trying them. How beautiful would that scene be. :))

No one can save you anymore. I could and would have. I'm sorry I didn't.
But I think you've grown up and matured. Or so seem you have.
As I think it through and well, you may just be able to handle it well after all.
Take us by surprise (as you already have actually) and prove us wrong.

* S H A T T E R E D 4:01 PM

Saturday, April 01, 2006

There is NO turning back, my dearest dearest friend.
Would things have been different then?
You have situated yourself voluntarily in a... wu2 fa3 fan1 shen1 de3 di4 bu4. SERIOUSLY.
Should u want to turn back, there will be many, many, many and only many serious implications.
You think you know what you're doing? I don't really think so. At least not before 20? And barely 9 days after turning SEVENTEEN??? What were you thinking?? Goodness gracious.
Whatever happens, just don't regret...
People are worried and scared for you. But I bet you yourself don't even feel that way because you think things are so simple and easy in life? (I'm afraid not.)
Bear in mind that you have a long way to go (if you haven't realised that).

Friday is a sad day these few weeks owing to the torturous and dreadful mass P.E that we must face. >.<

But yesterday wasn't that bad as there was something we could look forward to, that is, the joint birthday celebration of Jeffrey and Yong Xin! Yong Xin's birthday was indeed yesterday and jeff's one is tomorrow! Well, we went to cafe cartel for dinner before heading to watch a movie (Ice Age 2) at 7pm. Don't know why but we took a pretty long time to settle on what we wanted to eat. =X (What puts me off at cafe cartel is their largeee serving.) Although I ate sth that didn't look too huge a serving - Mushroom and Ham Pasta, (the serving was smaller than Pasta Mania's!), the creamy sauce made me full after eating two-thirds of it. But I love the creamy sauce at PS's cafe cartel. Not sure if the creamy sauce at other outlets is as nice. Haa. And so the highlight was after dinner. The BIRTHDAY CAKE and BIRTHDAY SONG! Small as the cake was, but it was sufficient for all of us. :)) And it was really YUMMY. It was a chocolate cake and there were walnuts(I think, if not some kind of nuts) at the third layer of the cake, so it was sth that increased the kou gan of eating the cake. Heh. The cake was bought from EmiCakes. Two thumbs up! :)) Poor Julia, who loves their chocolate cake,could not eat because she had diarrhoea in the day and so she was still going through the recovery process. Hence the restrain from all kinds of food except porridge and bread. Poor gal. Don't worry Julia! It'll be over soon! Rennn. :))

PTM TODAY. THANK GOD my second sister didn't want to hang me after finding out my results only this morning. She talked to me nicely on how I should concentrate on both my weak and relatively stronger subjects with balance and not just the weak subjects. Aye.

Anyhow, being so early after we finished meeting my HT, I followed my sister to Borders while my mum headed for work. Bought books under the deal of 3 FOR 2. (They charge the cheapest book among the three chosen as the free one.) And so I chose one book and my sis chose two. One book sounds like the kind of books written by Dan Brown,i.e. key-lock stories. Another was FREAKONOMICS. Haha. My sis says it's the paperback version of the hard cover version Julia, Shi Jie and I saw at Borders about one or two weeks ago. It's related to (yucky) Economics.. but it's not a textbook! My sis told me it's different scenarios that are written under the context of economics. I THINK. But it's a STORYbook, u know? Haha. I'll read it one day! Hahaha. The two just mentioned are chosen by my sis. I chose, or rather given to me to see if I like it by my sis, is about how there is a queue behind you for committing suicide. The summary behind the book sounded really interesting and so I decided on that. Can't wait to get down to reading it! After the current "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", which is really a good book too. :)
I'm finally finishing it Syl! Really sorry for holding on to it for soo long. x) Will finish reading it by next week! :D

Kay dinner time!
Tata :)
**A wonderful day today. :))

* S H A T T E R E D 7:16 PM