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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Seriously, WHATEVER is the word. I just hate this. Argh. Darn.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yea. I've got a new skin... Nice huh? Hehs. Have actually decided to get a new skin out of a sudden while in the comp. lab doing econs project today. Haha.

Getting very restless now..Argh. Well anyways..we had a maths test today and it was very easy. Much easier than I had expected. =) There were only 3 questions! =D

Oh gosh..and I have not done my news article's summary for GP. Darn. Really gotta get myself moving..and I'm falling ill man. SIAN. Was having a cold yesterday and got a cough today -.-". Flu bug around? I suspect so.

Gotta get moving...till later guys!

Peace out!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

alright, i admit. i have been very lazy to blog since school started. and i mean very. heh. it's pretty evident by how i'm using small letters since the beginning of this post and no sign of caps. =) JC life is stressful and tiring. GP? BORING but important. sigh. CHEMISTRY? more complex then it was in secondary (obviously it will be) and sometimes I just don't get IT. ECONOMICS? a new subject for those taking it and i guess it'll be fine as long as we go along with the pace. 'C' MATHS? Hmm...as usual, a subject which we just have to practice to prefect it. (Practice makes perfect, right?) Lastly, Chinese? Fine I guess. So from the above lines, one can guess that my subject combination is Maths+Econs+Chem (+GP+MT). fortunately for me, I got my first choice allocated to me. My new class? Great I must say. Pleasant people, fun to be with. Has got a classmate whose disposition resembles Don,as in the way he speaks. Got a gal whose voice sounds so 'little girl' but a nice person. Also got a friend who's from HK, was studying here since P2. Funny guy. Cant think of much to post now. or actually tired and lazy. heh. gotta get on with the summary of the news articles for GP. till much later!


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Monday, January 03, 2005

The first day of school in a new year - a dreadful nine-word phrase. When a new year starts, people around one will tend to ask, "so are you excited about going back to school?" And automatically I'll shake my head. Hee. It's just my natural reaction, can't help it.=P SO...unavoidably, many of us have to wake up darn early today to report to our respective junior colleges. Now with the fact that some JCs are just located so far away from some of our homes, we have to wake up even earlier than when we were in westspring! ArGh..oh and speaking of my alma mater, west spring ss, I saw a junior's nick on msn saying that there are no more mid-yr exams and common tests. Just final-yr exams. When I read that, I was like...omg...mr singh was full of crazy ideas and that never changed. About that 'policy', ADVANTAGE:not needing to worry so often about the common tests and mid-yr exam along the yr, DISADVANTAGE:it'll be SO stressful when the final-yr exam comes!. And so back to the topic on the first day at JC, as posted on one of the previous posts, L.Wanting, Sharon and I are posted to Catholic JC. Well..today was just SO boring. Hehes.
These are the activities that we did today:
  1. School tour
  2. Mass dance
  3. Registration of subject combinations
  4. Principal's speech

*Boring* According to my facilitators, we will get to know wat class we'll be posted to by tmr afternoon..which I consider pretty fast!=) But it's also that fast because of the fact that we registered through the computer which already has our results score stored in the comp. and they won't have to go through the trouble of asking students to photocopy their results' slip and hindering the entire process =) Hmm anyways..I guess one fun part of the orientation would be on wednesday/thursday when there would be a dragon boat race held at the kallang river so as to aid class-bonding! ^_^ That would be pretty fun ba...=) Aiyo, too tired now to think. =X Ain't used to waking up so early since the 'O's ended -.-". Let me think...oh and school's gonna end at about 7pm on Fri...so late..The dismissal time's gonna get later and later day by day (We were dismissed at about 3 plus today).=( One thing I really hope is that Wanting and I will get into the same class! Cuz both of us registered the same subject combinations in the same order(3 choices to be made in total)

  1. Maths, Economics, Chemistry, GP, MT
  2. Maths, Economics, Physics, GP, MT
  3. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, GP, MT

However, Sharon made a different group of choices. I know her first choice is Maths, Chemistry, Biology, GP, MT. Okie...I'm going for dinner now. Good luck to all! =)

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