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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have decided to post another entry on literally the same day as I figured with the exams being so near, I won't have the time to blog any time soon till exams are over. So..this shall be a long post! x)

Nothing very interesting happened this week except that there were two projects which were due on two consecutive days, and we had a celebration for Julia's birthday in advance. (:

All I wanna say is.. It's often not a pleasant day one day before the projects were due.. aye.

On a positive note, posted below are pictures of the advanced celebration Kah Yee, Sam and I had for Julia's birthday!

We headed to Essential Brew Tea Cafe & Restaurant at Holland V for lunch after the mini celebration in school. Before the food came.. we took some pictures to kill time.

Julia's Lemongrass Dory & Prawn Combo.
The dory fish was nice, not too sure about the prawns thou.

My and Kah Yee's Earl Grey Teriyaki Chicken.
This dish tasted quite nice. The chicken and teriyaki sauce was nice. The rice was rather unique as there was earl grey sauce over it. In fact, this should be the most unique rice I have ever eaten. Very earl grey-ish rice.

Sam's Rosemary Striploin.
The beef tasted not bad!

My and Sam's favourite Apple Crumble!

After we had our lunch, we played some poker card games while having dessert - taidee, plus one minus one, snap and the nickname game. HAHA. fun games.

The forfeit was to eat a baked baby potato everytime we lost. The baby potatoes came in a combo with the Apple Crumble as part of the set lunch special and which was baked with too much garlic! =/ But it didn't taste too bad with the skin peeled off. Otherwise, it was really quite salty and had too much garlic on the skin for us.

Overall, their food, mostly tea-infused drinks and desserts are nice or even very yummy for some. Very cosy ambience too!

Haha alright... time to go settle some stuff for the last project due this Friday and then to start studying in the evening!

Till next time! I'll be a happy girl the next time I come back to blog.

Good luck to my fellow BDEFT-ians for the exams! :)

* S H A T T E R E D 2:28 PM

My current all-time favourite. Something which I craved for just one day after eating it. Essential Brew's Apple Crumble. Yummy. And there's green tea sauce over it as seen above. You can add a scoop of ice-cream too which makes it more heavenly. :DD Ok I'm doing an advert here or what. haha. I shall elaborate more on the event which happened that day another time! :)

P.S. Happy 19th Birthday Julia!

* S H A T T E R E D 1:14 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One project due tmr (Completed :)), one more project due the day after and another on the 19th October. Exams are about three weeks away. How dead can I be.

Nevermind.. ~~ I shall go get a good night's sleep and wake up earlier tomorrow to do the project.

*Simply exhausted. about so many things. Avoiding the truth and pretending to be strong would be good. But how long can this pretence last is the question..

* S H A T T E R E D 12:01 PM

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It has been an insane weekend.

Rushed to finish a project report which was due yesterday. Coupled with work during Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I could only continue to edit the report in the evening for that two crucial days. Thank god we managed to finish and edited the report quite successfully till our ideal word count. I don't think anyone would want to know what time I went to sleep for the past 4-5 days. I seriously lack of sleep and my whole body is extremely exhausted. The only reason I'm blogging so early today is because I had to go to school to submit the official assignment cover sheet which we were supposed to use but thought that it wasn't needed since another (not-so-official) cover sheet was provided by the lecturer. Lesson learnt - To use that official assignment cover sheet for all individual or group assignments. Haa. But the worst part is, there is no lesson today yet I had to reach school before 9am to submit it to the course admin staff. Oh well.. this kind of thing can't be helped and I will definitely go catch an afternoon nap later!

Ok.. allow me to digress and rant for a while..
I seriously don't understand.. you have a mobile phone which is supposed to allow people to contact you, but why aren't you replying our smses or returning our calls? Even if my home number is private, I smsed to tell you that it was I who called and told you what is going to happen or what you have to do but you just didn't reply.. even when I asked of you to pls reply. JJ also called you so many times yet you just didn't return his calls at all. Apparently you don't care the least about the assignments do you.
Ok end of my ranting.. not as if this person would ever read my blog but this group member of ours is really.. weird and quite impossible.

On a positive note, I turned NINETEEN last Wednesday. :)
(The last year of my TEENS before turning twenty next year >.<)

With Kah Yee.
Me, Sing, Sam, Julia

A big thank you to all who made my day with their wishes, surprises and the celebration. :))

My family..


Eldest sis and Bro-in-law

Adeline and Soren

All my dearest friends..



Kah Yee

Sing Yi


Wan Ting


Karen (Koh)





Tze Wei








Zi Lin


Cai Ling









Wen Hui

Shu Lin

Especially to Sam, THANK YOU (: Thank you for everything.

* S H A T T E R E D 10:36 AM