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Thursday, March 31, 2005


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Monday, March 28, 2005

right. and so I'm posted to 1T34. former class was 1T35. and yea! got back together with former classmates who's still taking the same combi-chem, econs, maths. and now the entire back row is filled with the girls from my former class(including me) and some of the guys in front. total no. of pple - 27. woah tt seems like so many la.

and I'm SO sad that they moved the classroom venues. my former classroom used to be at the lowest level, just next to the staircase and right next to the toilet. it was so convenient. Now, it's right on level 5, the highest level and all the way "in", far far away from the toilets. argh.

oh and got back the same home tutor as was during the first 3 months. aint too happy about that =X. well, she can be nice but sometimes she's just too naggy haha. and I think we are gonna spend these two years with her. is it a good or bad thing? I really don't know.

Gotta have dinner now. Till the next update.

*Going to Sentosa tomorrow..gonna have "The Amazing Race" and beach games. Really hope I won't get sunburnt like the previous time. It's a terrible thing to get sunburnt. Paid 5 bucks for tmr's lunch as well. It had better be good man..haha I'm greedy. =P

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

It's exasperating. I know. Pple would feel exasperated when they keep asking me who I like and I always don't answer whatever they ask. heh. But like what I told one friend, normally...I'll only reveal who i really like when it's confirmed. won't talk about uncertainties (:

Anyways, haha now I know why pple can actually blog every single day. I didn't use to understand. I would feel so lazy. but now..I know why. I would feel so bored that I would just surf the net and also blog. (:

Class postings are gonna be released tomorrow! Really hope that I get into the same class with who I wanna be with. or at least with nice pple. (:

Till the next update.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Miss Congeniality 2 rocks. Go catch it! (:

I bought a pair of sandals today. from Leather Ark. It's my favourite shoe now! haha.

Nth much actually.Watched a movie, ate and shop. I feel that I've eaten too much. Lets see..Crystal Jade for lunch, Billy Bombers for tea-time?(after the movie) ate their nachos and drank their Cookies and Cream milkshake. I tell you, they are simply yummy! esp. the milkshake. Even feel like drinking it again now. But of cuz, the price is just as 'high' as the quality of the food. (: And some dumpling and ramen shop for dinner. But it's all delicious!! =D

Well, watching "In The Bedroom" on Chan 5 now . And some guy just got shot in the eye for obstructing another guy from entering the girlfriend's house. It's gross seeing that shot. But it's sad for the guy who got shot. :(

Okay, shall stop getting all emotional. Haha.

Till later.

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Good morning. (: FIRSTLY, omg! I really dunno how I could manage to dream something that weirdly yesterday night. a dream about someone totally unexpected. shant reveal who he is. So anyways gonna have a sisters' outing today. And we're going to watch Miss Congeniality 2! It's so exciting..haha. And I really wonder what stuff I would be able to get from Bugis today..wanna get a bag but e 2 old ones =P sure say it's a waste of money or some crap haha. But we'll see.. ;)

**And it's like oh sh*t...cuz I really do not know if I have fallen for him. right. tt's not a good sign and feeling. BUT I think I'll get over this in no time. Well, at least I hope so! Wish me luck!

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Got posted back to CJ and so the orientation started on wed..well..at least it's comforting that I didnt feel as weird as on the very first day of sch in jan. I felt much more at ease and more in it (if u get it (:) Yea anyways, I was in a group where I knew totally no one. But I got to meet 2 fantastic pals in IG 2! yea man..IG 2. they are momoko and omela. (: BUT...(there's always a 'but') the index groups would only be together for like just 2 days (Wed and thurs) cuz monday is the day when we would all be allocated to our various classes already..so it's a very sad thing. Ohh forgot to mention my facils. They are awesome too. My facils are Byron and Denyse. Byron is one active guy...super hyper. When playing salome, u should just see the way he runs around and trying to get past the defenders...it's nice to see. He's full of crap and lame jokes too. we were all saying our group can win the "Crappiest/Lamest Group" award if there's one. at the end of the day yesterday, we had a TCS(Talk Cock Session). we were all situated in a very lame atmosphere. cuz lame jokes were being told and it was just too lame sometimes that pple cant help it but just end up laughing. haha. now that reminds me of denyse! haha...she would laugh quite loudly and in a funny way when she's tickled by the lame jokes. She's one pretty girl..has nice big eyes. O_O. (: She's sweet and cute too. Always laughing no matter how lame the joke can be. Cheerful. For pictures..they are below this post. (: Enjoy!

And so..till later.

**Really hope I get the combi I want and also get into the same class with the pple I wanna be with. (:

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omela.momo.me.janice.denyse.byron.[ IG2 rocks! ] (: Posted by Hello

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omela.momo.me.[Pals in IG2] (: Posted by Hello

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me.queen. (: Posted by Hello

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(from left to right) jiying.sharon.queen.sheeni(top left).me(top right).sihui.shijie. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wang Lee Hom is a REAL talent. (:
I'm beginning to like him lots. Hee.

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I love ebase!(just bought a LOVELY top from there today (: )

I love Jeassea Thyidor. (her voice just ROCKS.)
I love Daphne Khoo too. (SWEET.)
I definitely love Olinda Cho as well. >> "Since You've Been Gone" <<-*well sang. well performed.

Not to say, I love Taufik Batisah as well (:

Later. Gonna go watch "High On Life" (:

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By the way,
I simply lurvvveee this new skin!!
That sounds so mad. But I just had to say it! =)
Pardon me (:

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The truth is...

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

(OoPs... tHiS PoSt WaS AcCiDeNtAlLy DeLeTeD =x)

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