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Monday, July 30, 2007

School started today! I was feeling kinda excited.

First was the enrolment session which began at 1030am, followed by lunch catered by the school, then a campus tour which the five of us did not go for, and the first lect at 2pm! till 5pm.

Having not studied/attended lectures for the past 9 months, it exhausted my brain a little bit. Thankfully, there was a tea break in the midst of the three hours. Sandwiches, mini swiss rolls, and beverages were provided. Whaha, quite good on that part.

For tomorrow and the whole of August, lectures would be from 10am to 1pm.

And who are "the five of us" as mentioned above? :D
They are.. Samantha, Sing Yi, Xhuen Chuan, Marianne (dunno if it's spelt correctly) and I!
Samantha who is one of Julia's jiemei. (:
Sing Yi who is from CJ and also my long-lost primary school friend! Yes, she was from CJ but the both of us just didn't acknowledge each other throughout the two years in college. Ahahah. I was a little embarrassed that I didn't manage to recall her name when she told me that we were quite good friends during a period of time in pri. 4. (REALLY OOPPS!!) But, I think we are considered quits when she remembered my sirname wrongly - Wendy WEE(?), and I remembered her sirname correctly - NEO Sing Yi. Hahaha..

Xhuen Chuan who is also from CJ.
Marianne also from CJ, Sing Yi's bandmate, and who was from T33 (one class before mine).

Samantha, Sing Yi, Marianne and I are all in the same course (and lecture), whereas Xhuen Chuan is in Marketing.

Several other CJ girls were spotted around campus too!

By the way, familiar stuff appeared in the lecture - OPEN ECONOMY and briefly about DEMAND AND SUPPLY. And definitely more to come!



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Friday, July 27, 2007

After much confusion, hesitation and going through a dilemma,
Final decision: ECOFIN.

Why such decision when I used to find Econs to be extremely annoying or even disgusting? Hahaha.. well.. After looking through the respective modules from the 2 courses very carefully, I realised that the skills and lessons learnt from EcoFin can also be applied to my personal life more often than that of Marketing. Like in EcoFin, I will be learning about financial planning and investment management where I then would be able to handle my own finances well and proper in future! Ahahah. And I would also be able to judge better which would be a good investment and all. So yea...I will learn to develop a liking towards ECONOMICS. ://

So anyway! Ivy and I arranged to make a visit back to the office yesterday during lunch time to have a lunch session with some of our ex-colleagues. We went to Sizzler at Suntec for lunch. Yummy! My boss gave us all a treat for the lunch, where I felt very bu hao yi si.. I told them I wanted to pay for my own, but.. they insisted don't need. Aye.

After lunch, our colleagues went back to office whereas Ivy and I went to get donuts from the newly opened branch of Donut Factory at Suntec, for our colleagues, and also because Ivy had planned to go buy some home. So since I was going to queue with her with no intention of buying any, because my house has only me and my parents where they didn't really touch the donuts the last time I bought some home, I suggested buying some back for our colleagues. It was a Thursday and was after lunch, hence the queue wasn't too bad. I think we queued for about 15-20 minutes.. Ivy bought half a dozen for her home and the both of us shared to buy one and a half dozen for our colleagues.

We then made our way back to the office! And stayed around for less than an hour. When we were about to leave, we took some pictures and below are 2 of some of the pictures!

Lee Hong, Me, Leah and Ivy. (In clockwise order)

With Ivy and Leah! :D (My two closest friends in the office.)

Ivy and I then went shopping after the office visit. omg SHOPPING is such a word that I love and hate. but Ivy wanted to go shopping lah, so I accompanied her. Sadly, I ended up spending money.. Hence, both of us didn't go home empty-handed. Ivy wanted to find a pair of non-shiny, all black but with a little design, round-headed flats. We looked around Suntec, with no avail. We then went to Bugis Junction and then the Village, also to no avail. 90% of the shoes in the Village just carries a shiny look, which is not what Ivy is looking for. Soo, she managed to get a pair of earrings from a earring shop at Bugis Junction, a pair of black pants from G2000 (ONLY AT $19!), and her donuts.

Speaking of which, I got to thank Ivy! When we walked past G2000 at Suntec, she wanted to go in and so I went in with her. G2000 is now (still) having sales! And I ended up buying a pair of black pants (UP: $59) and a pair of shorts (UP:$33) at only $19 each! (Wow~~)

Aikes, this just goes to show that telling myself 'NO SHOPPING' just doesn't work.

After school starts, I don't think I would have the time to go shopping already so.. xD Well, the two bottoms are bought with the intention for school!

Ahaha, Ok! Time to go. Till next time!

Tag replies:

To amandaH: That's why I included the word 'unwanted' to emphasize how annoying it is to have been bitten by mosquitoes mah.. ahaha.

To syL: Hahaha...I shall learn to like it. =X

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When everything's considered to have been settled, the officer from Econs and Finance called me today to tell me that I have been offered a place for EcoFin, which I guess means that I was on their waiting list. Now that I have the choice of EcoFin, I am in a big dilemma~~

My initial decision was more towards EcoFin...but...ok nvm...I'll think it through.

My final decision would most probably be EcoFin!

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The rain! is giving me unwanted mosquito bites. =/

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's official! I'm going to take up Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in SIM under RMIT University. (: It's a full-time 3-year course and school's starting on 30th July. After such a long break, I hope I can quickly adjust back to studying once again. >.<

Although I was a little disappointed that I didn't get accepted for Bac. of Business (Economics and Finance), it's still fine. Anyway, I was extremely afraid of the major econs part in the second half of the course where it seems to be all tests and examinations. (The projects are all emphasized in the first half of the course.)

Alright so anyway, I have taken up a part-time job at a CD shop opposite my house since the start of July. The pay's really not fantastic, but the good thing is that I can save on transportation costs and I need just about 5 minutes to reach the shop. Hence when my school starts, I would still be working there, about 2 or 3 days every week. Would probably be working there for about 4 or 5 months.

Now that the GSS is ending, there's no more reason for me to shop anymore! At least not for the next few weeks. Whenever I told myself that I cannot buy any more tops, I would end up buying tops and not the things which I planned to get, for e.g. a pair of shoes and a bag for school. However, this is also because I just couldn't find the pair of shoes and the kind of bag which I have in mind. -_- I have often been spending beyond my budget during the GSS and that's really not good for my savings. I SHALL NOW START SAVING FOR SHOW'S CONCERT WHICH IS IN DECEMBER. :D

Three major events in December! - Show's concert, Mum's birthday and my cousin's wedding. All are occasions which call for celebrations.

July is coming to an end, and December will arrive even before I know it! :D

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

OMG, I just discovered one shocking news.
But, nevermindd.

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Today's one hot day..

Tag replies:

Cherie: Haha yea... If you all are watching the movie in the afternoon, maybe I can go meet you all after the movie or sth. (:

Julia: Haha I was being serious, not trying to console you leh. Yea man, the show's even going to be broadcasted on Channel 5 on 29th July! at 730pm I think. I will be watching it again. :D

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally, just not anymore.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ok! I know I'm w-o-l-s..but..High School Musical is really nice to watch! Their singing is NICE. Juliaa, I know I'm really slow to be only watching it now. xP But then again, late is better than never! :D

Hence, I'm now awaiting the release of the VCD/DVD for High School Muscial 2!

Tag replies:

Syl: Nvm! That was a once in a lifetime experience, i.e. the peeling. But it's really alright! The emphasis was placed on your eyes anyway so it wasn't that bad.. ;)

Julia: Haha.. nah nt so exaggerated lah! I find that your face don't look that round in that pic, there's some degree of sharpness! (:

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Out of boredom, I shall blog!

Last tuesday, Julia, Jeffrey and I met at Taka's Mos Burger for dinner. After that, we went to look for his new cologne and wallet which he wanted to get, however, only to get neither and just chocs from Marks & Spencer. And below is the photo that he took with the intention to get the uncle into the picture, which Julia and I found the photo be pretty artistic actually. Haha..

Just yesterday, KahYee, WanTing and I went to PartyWorld at Woodlands from 2-6pm. And out of boredom at some point in time, I took some photos. Shall post 2 photos below!

I like the twist! xP

Out of pure coincidence, WanTing and I wore the exact same colour combi! Yellow top, black bottom and black footwear.

Ok! End of entry for now. I was just bored~ hence the decision to post some photos up. Ahaha.. alright BYE!

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It's time it rains! :D

Thank you, you yourself have woken me up.. It's been long enough.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

and I'm barely hanging in there.

The past 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks are Difficult.

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Shyt, I am becoming increasingly BROKE. :(

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