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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hmmm, computers and laptops ain't my very best friend. Considering the fact that it always seems to be me who had/has just caused one desktop computer/laptop to crash such that the hard disk nearly couldn't be saved/needs to be replaced. Both my sisters don't download songs or transfer files, so...it has to be me who "attracts" the viruses into the computer/laptop. Hence, for the second time, when I realised my sis's laptop is seriously down, I actually suffered a kind of pain in my internal body resulting from shock, for two entire days, not a few hours, not half a day or one day but TwO days, that's how bad it is. Maybe what can be comforting is that I did a backup of most of the files in May, hence, it aint that bad but, bad enough. Thou shall not download any more songs but only necessary programmes for this main desktop computer that has been repaired, sad I know, but I seriously don't want to cause any more computer(s) to break down, don't think I can take the strike again and again. I swear by that, no more downloading or even transfer of songs or files for I really never know when a hidden virus is coming through :(

I do have some songs in this computer still, but no other additional songs to be stored I guess. Will only transfer from friends' computers/laptops to my MP3 player to listen from there :(

Ju, am pretty lazy to do the test on your blog. Heh. I wanted to do! But...I copied the test over and the words were all 'clumped' together, was just too lazy to go and space it out and all x)

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Endless streams of tears flowing there.

* S H A T T E R E D 7:52 PM

This blog's revived! Hahaha.

Boredom has made me want to do this once again - to blog.

Actually, am not supposed to be so bored, playing aside, am also supposed to study during this hols! (But not like studying is that interesting too -.-") Holiday assignments and revision. Well, will really get down to it soon. Wanted to get down to it today, but woke up too late a time (1pm >.<) and ended up watching Mona Lisa Smile. =X

In addition, I want to shop for many things but just don't have the $$$. =( (I need a job!) Could have one job that's of sales and marketing but I turned it down when they called me back, didn't feel comfortable enough with the job, how perfect it would have been if they allowed me the admin post. *Sighs.

Anyhow, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire's officially out today! Am gonna watch it on Fri with my sisters, one of them have got free tix. :)) If I'm not wrong, the movie's running time is 2hrs and 30mins, which..is considered quite short considering the thickness of the book. It would be good if it's 3 hours or more.

Oh yes, another thing, ProjectWork's FINALLY over! I nearly "died" for the Oral Presentation. Was so worried for the Q&A session, was wondering what questions would the assessors ask, whether the qns were relevant or not,as I heard some assessors who like to ask irrelevant questions! Fortunately, the 2 assessors in my room asked relevant questions, but I think I kind of screwed my answers up. But was feeling fine with my presentation, managed to not always read from my cards,but did get tongue-tied and nervous. But anyway, am just glad it's all over :)

1 December - the opening of CHICKEN LITTLE! :))

Hmmm, nothing more to blog at the moment, signing off now!

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