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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I really do not understand.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What's happened this whole week:

Monday - work.

Tuesday - work.

Wednesday - work + Family dinner at Five start Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant at Bt Timah (opp. Beauty World) at night. ['Zi Char' actually, which of course includes their famous chicken and had the chicken rice instead of plain rice to go with the dishes. Yummy overall! Not pricey at all, in fact extremely worth for money! Very reasonable prices.]

Thurday - work + Caught the movie 'The Queen' with second sis and her bf at night. A good show!

Friday - work.

Today - A session of full manicure + pedicure at Pretticure, located at Jurong East Entertainment Centre. Went with my second sis in the afternoon who had vouchers for 2 for a session of full mani + pedi each. The place is cosy and comfortable and I am really impressed with the ambience as well as their service. Have definitely experienced a very professional and good service. Well I've never gone for a full mani or pedi before so it's sure an experience today :P

Tomorrow - Secondary sch classmate's (Karen) birthday party in the evening :))

This is all for this week..Shall return to blog again next weekend.Ciao!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Work's starting tomorrow! Another week to handle.
Facing the computer everyday for such long hours really makes my eyes hurt from all the radiation >.<

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

(Back! This blogger is finally not lagging on me this time...)

Haven't been updating for a looong time. Life's been busy. Working's not easy! And money is sure not easy to earn... =S

Lucky me, managed to land a job at Citibank. Millenia branch. However, its working hours is not the usual 8hrs a day. Instead, it's 9hrs everyday(0830-1830) except for wed(0830-1730). After thinking through why Citibank let its workers off early on wed and not fri, I came up with a theory. The theory is, by the middle of the week, its workers would be half-dead tired, hence having to let them off earlier on Wed and not Fri to enable them to carry on the next 2 days with a little bit more energy. Bleah. Anyway, except for the tired-out part, all's good - the working environment and my colleagues. Laughter everyday. =)

Oh well, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Hv already bought my new year clothes with WanTing last Sat at Bugis, who has to buy this early due to her upcoming exams in Feb. Final year exams. I wish her all the best! =)

Hmm.... can't really think of what else to mention about now... my brain's turning off so I shall stop here for today.. xl So till next time yea. Goodnight!

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