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Monday, October 23, 2006

She's married. and I'm happy for her. I just have to start getting accustomed to her not coming back to this home to sleep in the room opposite mine which I often go into with her around just to disturb her and where she would entertain me. After 18 long years with her living with me and just less than 1 day after her wedding, I'm already beginning to miss her. And I can just randomly cry whenever a thought of her just suddenly flashes through my mind. That's how upsetting the situation is. I WILL MISS YOU MY DEAREST SISTER. May you lead a blissful marriage (I'm sure you will because you have found a good husband and he has found a wonderful you.) and once again, I'm really happy for you. Ade and I've been waiting for you to get married and you've done it all so beautifully yesterday. Both Ming Rong and your efforts put into planning this wedding paid off. :)

Before the groom came:

After the round of games he had to pass through to get the hands of my beloved sister:

Love you, miss you and god bless you.

P.S. more pictures to be uploaded after As. Haven't uploaded the rest into the computer and it's time I get back to studying now that I am more composed. =/ Good luck for the As everyone.

* S H A T T E R E D 1:45 PM

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

* S H A T T E R E D 6:30 PM

Tell me, what right do you have to condemn him?
Like you, and us, he's also a human.
Would you like people to treat you this way?
And what kind of arrangement is that?
Don't you realise just how weird that is?
We're going to be ALL apart.
So are you happier now?

Another thing I've learnt, is never to assume.
For I am now disappointed in you.

*Tired. and I just want to go back to the good old days.

* S H A T T E R E D 5:22 PM

Monday, October 02, 2006

'cuz I had a bad day.
and all's rated F.

* S H A T T E R E D 5:30 PM

I just feel like vanishing from this world.
and no whatsoever will be lost which makes me feel so guilty,
because obviously I don't mean for it to happen but it just has.
And apparently, there is really nothing that I can do to salvage it as much as I want to.
FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I AM SORRY.really. but, what do you want me to do??
Then, what is there to "by hook or by crook"??

I just do not want to be leading such a screwed-up life.
Mainly, I would be happier elsewhere and achieving more than what i am doing now.
No use lamenting now, I know. for the situation's all set and there is nothing i can do about it.
But, just let me rant it out.
Otherwise, I might just snap some day.

P.S. Just ignore the fact that I keep saying my previous entries were the last entries for this period of time. because, it's just unpredictable when things would suddenly happen and affect me so much. (and of all times, would have to be during this period of time. -_-")

* S H A T T E R E D 3:18 PM